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Lambs | Breeding and Rearing

Trustworthiness, Commitment and Quality

We have been raising and rearing lambs for more than 30 years.

At Cebacor, we have been raising and rearing lambs for more than 30 years.

Its founder Rafael Izquierdo Quirante, the son of farmers, has bet, from the beginning, that his company is among the most recognized in the sector for seriousness, responsibility and quality in its products.

At Cebacor we always prioritize animal welfare, since experience tells us that, through it, the highest quality is achieved, always trying to stand out to meet the demands of the current market, both national and international, making our lambs make a difference by adapting ourselves to the needs of our clients.

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Procurement and wholesale of lambs

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1994 - 2024 | 30 years exporting sheep livestock: lambs

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Cebacor has great experience in the purchase, sale and export of sheep: lambs to the whole world.
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We hold the Welfair animal welfare certificate, which guarantees through strict inspections in our facilities that the 5 principles of animal welfare stablished by the OIE are met: 1 - A healthy diet. | 2 - No symptoms of stress. | 3 - A good physical condition. | 4 - A natural behaviour. | 5 - Absence of pain and illnesses.
Therefore, all of our lambs are in perfect condition.
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Office Address
Plaza Arcipreste Juan Hernandez, 1 Bajo / 18800 Baza (Granada)
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