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Lamb Breeding Process

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This process starts either breeding our own lambs or purchasing livestock directly from farmers specialized in the sector, what allows us to ensure the good quality and traceability of each lamb.

Once lambs arrive to our farms, we take exhaustive care of them according to their needs to make sure they acclimate and adapt to our facilities the best possible way.
After that, we continue with a prophylactic protocol, which includes timely vaccinations and deworming — covering the main ovine pathologies, such as Enterotoxemia and Ovine Respiratory Syndrome (Basquilla and Pasterela).

Procurement and wholesale of lambs

1994 - 2024 | 30 years exporting sheep livestock: lambs

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Cebacor has great experience in the purchase, sale and export of sheep: lambs to the whole world.
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We hold the Welfair animal welfare certificate, which guarantees through strict inspections in our facilities that the 5 principles of animal welfare stablished by the OIE are met: 1 - A healthy diet. | 2 - No symptoms of stress. | 3 - A good physical condition. | 4 - A natural behaviour. | 5 - Absence of pain and illnesses.
Therefore, all of our lambs are in perfect condition.
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