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Lambs - Breeding and Rearing

Trust, Commitment and Quality

We have been breeding and rearing lambs for over 25 years.
We make our lambs make a difference by adapting to the needs of our customers.

Purchase and Wholesale of Lambs

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We start the process from our own breeding and we also buy and collect directly from farmers specialized in the sector, thus guaranteeing the quality and traceability of the lambs.

We have a specialized human team with great experience in the care, care and well-being of our lambs.

Our facilities are designed primarily to guarantee animal welfare, continuously modernizing them for the breeding and rearing of our lambs in the best conditions for their development.

Our main activity is focused on the export of sheep (lambs - sheep), both to European countries (Portugal, France and Germany) and to Arab countries (Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon), as well as to our national market with lambs adapted to it.

ALWAYS COMPLYING WITH THE CURRENT REGULATIONS ON ANIMAL WELFARE, both on the farm, currently implementing the AENOR Animal Welfare certificate according to the Welfair protocol, as well as in transport and handling. All operations are always supervised by the Management, as well as by our own veterinarians.

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25 years in the export of sheep cattle: lambs

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